and technical

in the field of
industrial processing

Trenco R&D LLP is a creative space aimed at developing scientific and engineering potential to improve knowledge-based economy


In this regard, we express our readiness to cooperate and interact with the state bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, international and domestic organizations, as well as with the scientific figures of the Republic of Kazakhstan in order to increase the potential of Kazakhstan science.

The main activities of “TRENCO R & D” LLP are as follows:

  • scientific and scientific-technical activities, including in the field of electric power engineering and engineering;
  • development of industrial production and improvement of practical production using "green" and energy-saving technologies;
  • technology transfer;
  • commercialization of technology;
  • consulting services.

Interacting organs:

Trenco R&D Company is a leading scientific and technical center, specializing in scientific and technical development of the processing industry in the Republic of Kazakhstan